About Me

Who Am I?

This is me

What I do

Hand-crafted turned wood vessels and bowls featuring natural or live edges.

I create pieces exclusively from urban-logged woods.  This is wood recovered by urban logging operations that would otherwise end up as firewood or in a landfill.

Trees that provided shade and shelter to wildlife, cleaned the water and air.

I want to celebrate that with something beautiful, unique and lasting.

How I got started

I got into woodturning 20-25 years ago, gave it up when I moved to another state and started again about a year ago with better equipment. 

Using reclaimed materials appealed to me. Leaving the natural features of the wood such as the bark and naturally occurring defects like cracks, knots, bark inclusions, holes and staining due to decay or disease into the pieces I create.

Beauty From Nature

Tools of the Trade

I use a wood lathe and woodturning tools, bandsaw, table saw, and chainsaw.

  • Lathe Grizzly Tool G0838 16×24 Wood Lathe
  • Woodturning chucks and jaws –  NovaTech Titan 2 and  G3 chucks and compatible jaws
  • OneWay center
  • Wood gouges, chisels and scrapers from Grizzly Tool, Hurricane Woodturning, Sorby, Crown Tool, and NovaTech

Bandsaw – Ridgid Tool BS01, Kreg bandsaw fence.

Table Saw – His name is Tablesaur a 1997 Grizzly Tool G1023z, ShopFox fence, blades from assorted manufacturers, and assorted handmade accessories.7

Materials / Media

Finishes – I use wood-safe finishes, edible oils, shellac, water-based turning finishes,  beeswax / citrus oil such as Howard’s Feed and Wax.  The finish depends on the material and customer preference.

Material – Each project is different.  All are obtained from urban logging suppliers, from my own yard, from the roadside and whenever I can locate available local materials.

Expansion Plans

Other Materials

  • I may use epoxy resin where it might be needed to stabilize or enhance a piece, assuring that it won’t detract from the primary material of a piece.


  • Bowlsaver – This is a device that allows a turner to “core” the woodturning blank and make progressively smaller pieces from a single turning block vs. cutting away everything not part of the primary piece into piles, shavings and sawdust.  I see it as a way to preserve more material and to better respect it vs. throwing away unused material.